5 ways an Enell Sports Bra may just change your life

5 ways an Enell Sports Bra may just change your life

Having sold thousands of Enell sports bras I never get tired of hearing your response once you've tried one. Phrases like "My life is forever changed!", "But seriously, where has this been all my life?", "How many different colours can I get this in?" are the sorts of things I hear from our lovely new Enell customers.

Plus size Sports Bra New Zealand

I truly believe the Enell Sports Bra is one of the most unique plus size sports bras on the market. I have a long list of growing customers that are loving their move to their Enell plus size range.

So here goes, here are the reasons an Enell Bra may just change your life...

1. You'll be able to run without clutching at your breasts

Obviously this is where the magic happens, after all, isn't this what a Sports Bra is supposed to do? The extreme compression in the Enell Sports Bra works to suction your breasts to your body, this compression will reduce the total trajectory that the breast can displace during activity. It's this method of support that has earned the Enell Sports Bra its 5 star support rating.

I also love the high coverage design that blocks breast tissue from 'escaping' during high impact training.... or yoga... or whatever prompts the ladies usually trying to make a public appearance.

The super firm, no stretch fabric gives the Enell the ultra long lifespan its known and loved for.

2. You won't want to rip your bra off at the end of the day

Customers who are known to rip their bra off as soon as they get home at the end of the day are always a challenge for bra fitters, and for those ladies I almost always start with the Enell Lite.

The wire free design is refreshing for women who have spent a lifetime being uncomfortable in underwire bras. Without underwires or narrow straps that dig in, you'll barely notice you're wearing it.

I recommend trying the Enell Lite if you want something more shapely for all day, everyday wear.

3. Your shoulders will be free from pressure

The wide pressure dispersing straps are just one of the ways the weight of the breast is taken off the shoulders (yup, the Enell will totally redistribute that!).

The real work is done by the built in cross back support that makes up the strength in the full back design. This extra support system (seen as the X on the back) helps to reposition the weight of the bust on to our back, along with enhancing posture.

Women often exclaim how the weight is literally lifted off their shoulders.

4. You won't burn all your energy getting in / out of it

A really good high impact front fastening sports bra is actually hard to find. This is why we give so much praise to the Enell front fastening Sports Bra. They nail the support factor and help you avoid the extra workout getting in to a Sports Bra can serve you with.

The hook and eye fastenings are plentiful, so you need to allow an extra 30sec to get in to it in the morning, but you won't have to turn yourself in to a contortionist to make it work. 

5. You'll feel like a million bucks

The full back means no more unsightly lines from bras digging in which can be a real confidence boost for ladies - particularly under firmer fitting workout wear or light technical t-shirt's.

As an added bonus, this back design will also ensure straps won't slip when you're working out.

So what are you waiting for? Try an Enell today!

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