Learning You’ve Been Wearing The Wrong Size Bra This Whole Time March 16 2018

Imagine, you go half your life thinking you’ve finally nailed this whole 'wearing a bra' thing and then some headline comes along and says you’ve been wearing the wrong size this whole time. Excuse me?! In fact, almost 80% of women wear the wrong size bra! No wonder they’re so often associated with discomfort.

Ill-fitting bras don’t discriminate. If you’re small-chested, you get slipping straps, rising back bands, and an awkward space between the cup and actual breast. If you have a fuller chest, you get straps that dig into your shoulders, back clasps barely holding it together, and incessant nip slips because the cups always seem to be too small.

It’s hard to admit that we’ve been unknowingly neglecting, if not outright mistreating, our precious boobs for so long and nestling them in something that causes us so much unnecessary 'branger.'

So check your size before you invest in your next sports bra. Grab a fabric tape measure and head to our Sports Bra Fitting Tips :D

source: www.refinery29.uk