ENELL Sports Bras Reveals "Unshakable" Campaign

ENELL Sports Bras Reveals "Unshakable" Campaign

The best performing sports bra for well-endowed women launched a body positive campaign calling on all women to share their “Unshakable” spirit.

ENELL, Inc., the creator of the ENELL SPORT and ENELL LITE bras for well-endowed women, has launched a new campaign focused around supporting all women in a body positive way.

“UNSHAKABLE” is more than a physical result of the support offered by ENELL Bras – it’s an anthem that women can use to share their resilience and strength.

“The new “Unshakable” campaign is just in time to show the world exactly who we are as women and just who they are dealing with. We are unshakable!” says ENELL founder Renelle Braaten. “We are a strong formidable force, no question. And so is the ENELL bra.”

Part of the #UNSHAKABLE campaign celebrates the drive, passion, independence and strength of female athletes. Using images, videos and real stories that will build throughout the campaign, #UNSHAKABLE will highlight the challenges, motivations, and choices that female athletes face sharing moments of triumph and success.

“It is our time to prove to the world just how “Unshakable” women really are,” concludes Braaten.

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