"These beautiful soft knickers are an absolute pleasure to wear! There's no riding up (and believe me my ample tushie has most underwear in a twist!) nor any digging in. For most more generously proportioned ladies, the idea of no visible panty line is just that … an idea! But let me tell you - I wore my most comfy trousers, which I have to wear a Read more about review stating These beautiful soft knickers arevery long shirt with to cover the panty bulges … I had NONE! in fact I kept running my hand over my bum to check the smoothness (Yeah, just a tip - Don't get caught doing that by a stranger in the supermarket!) Lol These knickers are Awesome! Plus they can be rinsed out in the sink, hang them up and they will be dry before morning. I got size 22 first because I wasn't sure of sizing and I wear 22 jeans etc but while they are good true to size, i'm losing weight so got size 20 for the next pair. I'll be happy to buy more, especially if they come in other colours." ~ Kerrie F.

Whether you're lifting weights, training for a race, or doing backbends in hot yoga, there's nothing more distracting than a pair of underwear that, well, gets itself in a wad in the middle of your workout. Equally as annoying and actually unsafe: wearing workout underwear that isn't breathable or quick drying (that's you, cotton) post-sweat sesh!

Say hello to lightweight microfibre, full brief from Berlei.


  • Savour the smooth, lightweight microfibre that feels like a second skin 
  • Smooth finish under tights and shorts
  • Flat waist and leg elastics hug your body seamlessly
  • Full brief shape - we've got you covered girl!
  • Wearing light-colored leggings and don't want your underwear to show? Try these light coloured, sweat-wicking briefs.
  • Perfect when wearing tight or white coloured pants
  • Material: Nylon / Elastane

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