Best Sports Bras for Running May 19 2018

Did you know that different activities require different types of breast support?

When running, you want to look for a sports bra that provides an equal distribution of support.

Running in a properly fitted sports bra will also help to improve your running technique and efficiency of your run.

A study by the Portsmouth University had a group of women run 5km in a normal bra and a sports bra. They found that when wearing a sports bra, participants significantly reduced their chest and shoulder activity. This reduction in muscle activity means your body is using less energy, because it's running in a more efficient technique.

So, not only does a sports bra reduce breast pain, but it also reduces painful muscle tension in the upper body, giving you a more efficient run style.


Our best sports bras for running:

shefit sports bra - high impact sports bra nzShefit ULTIMATE High Impact Sports Bra
(Band: 28-52" Cups: A-I)

The Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra is a custom fit, adjustable, high-impact bra that provides the perfect comfort and support for short runs through to marathons.

So whether you’re part of the itty-bitty committee or belong to the tig ol’ bitty club, Shefit will provide the support you need while running. 

  • 1” wide adjustable straps provide vertical lift
  • X or H back configuration for best comfort and support
  • Lined wireless cups with contoured seams and removable modesty padding

Freya Epic Sports Bra Freya Epic Electric Black Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra
(Band: 30-40" Cups: C-G)

Freya has been working with the breast health specialist team at the University of Portsmouth, conducting the most extensive breast research project ever undertaken.

This research has confirmed that a sports bra needs to not only control movement but also help to reduce strain and pain. 92% of participants felt that the Freya Active crop top sports bra reduced breast movement during running

  • The moulded crop top sports bra offers full coverage complete with odour management fabric and mesh panels for cool comfort
  • Adjustable straps with racerback option and 
  • Encapsulation styling provides shape = no uni-boob!

enell sports bra - high impact sports braEnell SPORT: High Impact Sports Bra
(Band: 32-60" Cups: C+)

This is Oprah Winfrey's favourite sports bra so if it's good enough for 'O'...But seriously the design and construction...and I don't use that word lightly, holds breasts securely in place, minimising damaging breast bounce during running.

  • Shoulder Comfort - wide non-stretch straps distribute weight to reduce shoulder fatigue
  • Movement Control - wide elastic band and motion control neckline eliminate up and down movement. Compression style sports bra
  • Secure Closure – fastens your girls simply and securely with hook and eye closures

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