Playtex Flex Fit Contour Bra

$44.95 NZD

If you're looking for a comfortable bra that offers a light, flexible fit, then you've come to the right place.

This wirefree design combines foam cups that shape you beautifully while providing the ultimate support with minimal seams. Crafted from four-way stretch fabric it delivers a custom, flexible fit.

Perfect for lounging around the house and low impact activities such as Yoga, Pilates and walking.

Why we love the Playtex Flex Fit Contour Bra:

  • Wirefree design for ultimate all day comfort
  • Foam cups and 2-ply sides shape and support you beautifully
  • 4-way stretch fabric keeps you comfortable and gives you a custom fit
  • Minimal seams
  • Flexible fit
  • Suitable for lounging or low impact activities

Playtex Flex Fit Contour Bra Size Chart:

Brad Pitts
83 - 87
Pinky and Perky
90 - 94
Snuggle pups
97 - 101
Fiery Biscuits
18 Life Savers 111-115

Fitting tip: work off the basis of what you would wear in a normal top eg if you're a size 14 then a Snuggle Pup size should work for you.

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