SHEFIT Sports Bra Fitting Tips

The Shefit is no ordinary sports bra. It fits and functions differently. Sometimes this takes getting use to so here are some handy tips and and fitting video:

Watch fitting video:

First, slip into your bra like a shirt.

The zipper goes in the front. Put your arms through the holes and over your head. Make sure you use the hook & eye found inside the zip.


Pull the triangle-shaped zipper garage to the side, then slide it back when you're done.

Tip: Having a hard time getting it zipped? That doesn't mean it's too small. Use the hook and eye to close the bra before you pull it down. Then zip it. This is so you can get the best fit and the most support.


Pull the rib band to a secure position and scoop your girls up into the cups.

Tip: Don't yank the strap down. Pull smoothly across your body.


Higher lift means better support. Don't be afraid to cinch snugly, out of your comfort zone.

Tip: Pull the straps away from where your neck meets your shoulders, so they don't sit on your neck, especially when wearing in X-back.


You should feel a whole new level of support. If you're still experiencing bounce, lift the shoulder straps higher or check out the videos below to make sure you are wearing the correct size.


  • Cross or uncross straps for X or H configuration
  • You can swim with your¬†SHEFIT bra. Simply pair with your favourite bottoms
  • Pads are removable
  • Breastfeeding moms can remove a strap for easier nursing
  • Create a Remix by unzipping, unhooking and rebuilding two bras into one

Received your Shefit and think it's too small or too big? Below are handy videos to watch if you're unsure

Shefit Sports Bra Fitting Demonstration - Too Small!

Shefit Sports Bra Fitting Demonstration - Too Big!

The Importance of Scooping in the Shefit Sports Bra