Helpful Stuff

I spend a lot of time researching sports bras as I'm on a quest to find good quality sports bras that work for those of us with more up top! I also know that while some of my customers rave about one style it might not work for you so I want to provide a variety of styles and price range.

Below are some helpful links if you're on the same quest or just drop me an email and I'm happy to answer any questions :D



www.pouchproducts.co.nz: look after your sports bra and use a lingerie bag. Love these NZ made ones

Auckland Sports Massage - my mate Toni Knowles (6th time ironman competitor) loves these guys for a good massage after you’ve been working out

Now you've got your sports bra sorted, what about your everyday bra? Check out Rose & Thorne - a NZ company selling the most awesome bras and knickers at really good prices 

Some of my favourite food blogs...ahem...yes the first one is mine :)