Custom Fit - ENELL Sports Bra

Finding your fit is not always straightforward; so don't fret if ENELL's standard sizes don't work for you. ENELL can create a custom fit sports bra to fit your needs. 

Here are some common reasons why a Custom Fit ENELL might be right for you:

  • Your bust fits into one size and your rib cage in another
  • Your bra straps are too long or too short
  • You have a small frame or back but are larger breasted
  • You have a hard time finding any bra that fits you properly

Sounds like you? Then here's what you do.

Grab a tape measure and take two measurements wearing a normal non padded bra:

1. Around your rib cage directly under your breasts

2. Around the fullest part of your bust 

Contact us and we will guide you through the process of ordering a custom ENELL SPORTS Bra and/or ENELL LITE Bra


A Custom Fit includes the following costs:

  • One-time setup fee: $20.00 (includes one alteration)
  • Additional alterations: $7.50/each
  • ENELL sports bra: $106.95
  • Shipping: your order will be shipped with one of our orders so please contact us to see when our next shipment is due

    Additional bras: Once your base pattern is established, additional bras are the price of a regular bra plus $7.50 for each alteration.

    We recommend ordering one bra for starters. Once your fit is perfected, order as many as you choose. Orders of three or more bras at one time receive a 10% discount.

    Since CUSTOM FIT is just for you, orders are non-returnable and non-refundable.