Ultrella Natural Deodorant Range

Ultrella Natural Deodorant range is the first deodorant in NZ and Australia (and the whole world, as far as we know) to be able to reduce sweating naturally.

What makes Ultrella different from other natural deodorants?

  • IBR-Snowflake® is a natural Botox alternative. It’s a plant extract made from Summer Snowflake bulbs.
  • This ingredient has been clinically proven to reduce sweating by 36%. To be specific, the company that makes it did trials and they found that after 7 days of morning and evening applications, the average reduction in sweat across the group was 36%.
  • Prebiotics are included in both the deodorant and the body spray to feed the good bacteria on the skin.
  • Ultrella products do not contain baking soda (bicarb soda). Although baking soda is a very effective deodoriser, it is also a very alkaline ingredient. The skin’s pH level should be slightly acidic, and over time the baking soda wears away the skin’s protective layer (the acid mantle). This is the reason why so many people are okay for the first couple of weeks of using a natural deodorant, then start to react.
  • The formulation will stay consistent year round – so no need to have to grapple with it on frosty mornings.
  • The paste is thick so you're in control of how much you use - normally only a small dab is required for each armpit

What's the CalmPits Detox Mask used for?
This product came about because we wanted to ease the transition from using an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. The transition period can involve sweating more than normal, more B.O., even rashes and skin complaints.

It makes sense when you think about it, if you’ve been using an antiperspirant for years, your body isn’t used to sweating naturally. We heard so many stories about people giving up during the transition period and reverting to their antiperspirants.

Once on the skin, the mask will remain soft, rather than hardening like other clay based masks. This is to ensure it’s easy to wash off afterwards, rather than requiring rubbing to remove it.

Natural Body Spray

  • This product is a dual purpose deodorant and body spritz.
  • It is a super effective deodorant in its own right. As per the note above, we’ve included prebiotics in the formulation in addition to live vegetable enzymes to build the bacterial colony in the armpits.
  • As well as the high tech ingredients, we’ve also used traditional natural remedies such as aloe vera, horsetail and sage.