BERLEI Lounge Bra

$39.95 NZD $49.95 NZD

Just like comfort food for your workout wardrobe, this Sport Crop is both supportive and seriously soft.

Made from a high stretch fabric with reduced seams that allows for movement and comfort. Perfect for lounging around the house and low impact activities such as Yoga, Pilates and walking.

Why we love the Berlei Lounge Bra:

  • Wide V-Back strap for additional support and flexibility
  • Perforated double faced panels provide optimal ventilation to help keep you cool
  • Firm wide stretch underbust band for support
  • Reversible design means it can be worn multiple ways, layered up or solo
  • Suitable for lounging or low impact activities

Berlei Lounge Bra Size Chart:

10 Small 83 - 87
12 Medium 90 - 94
14 Large 97 - 101

Fitting tip: work off the basis of what you would wear in a normal top eg if you're a size 14 then the Large should work for you.

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