Anti-Static Spray

$7.95 NZD $9.95 NZD

Say goodbye to "cling" and hello to your new best friend - Anti Static Spray. This spray on product stops the effects of static electricity. Simply spray lightly over the inside of your garment before wearing, and for added results also lightly spray the outside of your under garment.

  • Banish static from clothing, lingerie, hosiery and tumble dryers, with this 150ml bottle of Anti-Static Spray from Helmar.
  • Helmar Anti-Static spray stops static electricity build-up in clothing, under garments, fabric, pantyhose, carpets, furnishings, tumble dryers, car seats which causes clinging, shocks and sparking!

Directions for Clothing & Fabrics:

Spray item evenly holding the pump spray at least 30-45cm away, then allow to dry. One application will last until next wash

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