The Seamless Sports Bra, Reinvented. The Most Comfortable Bra to Wear All Day November 08 2018

Shefit have made some tweaks to their popular Lounge bra including a new name - The Real Support Seamless Bra. Check out their blog below to read about the new features.

The Real Support Seamless is a low-impact bra, perfect for yoga classes, and grocery store runs. The unique design of this seamless bra will convert you to a true fan, and have you living in them in no time!

Our Design

  1. Shortened shoulder straps provide lift to give you the ultimate seamless support
  2. High performance material adds just the right amount of compression
  3. Soft to the touch fabric will have you LIVING in this bra
  4. Front zipper allows for easy on and easy off. The high performance zipper has a magnetic locking zipper head, and hidden hook-and-eye clips

shefit real support seamless bra

What does 'Low Impact' Mean?

This bra was designed to support busy women whether you are on-the-go or taking a well deserved day off. Low Impact activities are activities that are less demanding on your bodies joints, and include activities such as walking, yoga, or light stationary cycling. Low Impact support is important because it helps protect your breast tissue in your daily life!

shefit real support seamless bra

When to Wear This Bra:

Our SHEFIT Sisters LIVE in this bra! This bra is great for days of travel, chasing your toddlers, or for going for a walk. Many SHEFIT Sisters use this bra for yoga too!

What our Sisters are Saying:

"I bought 2x Shefit Perfect Lounge Bra (size 2x) and love them. Really comfortable from the start. Easy to wear. I even wear them to my corporate job and don't rip them off as soon as I walk in the door after work like I do with my standard bras. Last weekend I wore it when I did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing and it was perfect - supportive without being restricting. Highly recommend them. Plus the service was great - again. This was the 4th purchase from SportsBra and always had great service - thank you :-)." - Bonny B.

"Lovely super comfy bra with no uncomfortable wire. Once I brought one I sent for another one and live in them. They are perfect for having a bra on but having comfort as well. Great for ladies with bigger bust." - Sarah A

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