Show Off (or, Actually, Don’t) in This Champion Sports Bra June 18 2019

Champion The Show Off sports bra - FRONTChampion The Show Off sports bra - BACK

Does your sports bra make you want to show off? Or are you kinda wishing that it didn’t give you a uniboob…or you got more coverage…or more support…or no sweat stains…or more “modesty” so that your girls don’t show off when you cool down?

Well, if you have any of these sports-bra woes, Champion says it has the fix for you. Meet the The Show-Off Sports Bra: there’s nipple coverage, support, moisture-wicking, mesh for ventilation and smooth molded cups so that each boob has its own identity. (It’s really not fair to just lump them all together, eh?)

Priced at $59.95 it delivers a lot for the money. Offered in two colours, it’s lightweight and smooth. We really dig the wide bottom band, stretch material and adjustable straps for getting just the right comfy fit. When we first saw the sports bra, we worried that the mesh at the top—cute as it is—might rub us the wrong way (literally!), but nope; it offered a cool and comfy fit.

We found the eye closure in the back to be a bit cumbersome, but it was nice to have a little extra band width to choose from. With lots of support and slim “concealing petals,” it’s kind of amazing how this bra doesn’t feel really heavy or like it won’t let you breathe. It looks like it would, but after trying it out during everything from a run to yoga to CrossFit, we were pleasantly surprised with just how great this bra performed. Makes us want to…you guessed it…show off!