Shoulder injury? January 25 2019 1 Comment

Shoulder injury? Mishael Logan from Avid Management Ltd has been on a mission to find a bra since she injured her shoulder. Then she discovered the Shefit Ultimate.

I ordered the Shefit because for the past 4 months I've been suffering from a major shoulder injury. My shoulder is too sore to have a bra strap across it and I cannot do up a bra from the back.

For special occasions I have managed to get a strapless bra (with much boning in it) which I am able to just use one shoulder strap on. However, that option is very painful with all the boning. Despite looking for the past 4 months I could not find any bras that were suitable, (visiting many lingerie shops to no avail). I searched the internet at length to ultimately find the Shefit Ultimate bra.

I have put on the Shefit Ultimate bra this morning AND IT WORKS!!!! It holds the boobs up from around the ankles, it does not hurt the shoulder and I can do it up in the front!! 

My best friend had her shoulder surgery 8 weeks ago and has been using a boob strip type bra which is NOT supportive as it just covers the boobs from being visible. I will be redirecting her to your website as we have been commiserating our shoulder pain together.

I also will be giving your website info to the Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgeon to help his female clients find the help they need. I was desperate as I cant meet clients without a bra, the strapless bra I managed to buy is good for special occasions, but it HURTS because of its very nature, and I cant put it on myself so have to wait for help from the husband which means waiting till he comes in from the farm!!!!