Review - Shefit Ultimate High Impact Sports Bra April 22 2018

Jess Scott tries out the Shefit sports bra at her first Netball game for the season.

A few weeks ago, if you were to tell me I would play a netball game in a bra with NO UNDERWIRE, with boobs as big as mine - I would have nervously laughed at the thought of 1) ouch - the pain! and 2) how am I going to avoid knocking myself out?! natural double D’s don’t exactly sit nicely without support. But then something truly amazing happened, I gave the Shefit sports bra a go, and I played my first ever netball game in a bra with no underwire, with boobs as big as mine.

shefit sports bra - high impact sports bra nzIn my netball team, I’m known as the one who is always adjusting her bra throughout the game. Pulling the straps back up, lifting my boobs up to give them some breathing room, even popping a boob back in when it doesn’t want to stay in place.

For me, decent sports bras, or bras in general, have been difficult to find. With one of my boobs being larger than the other, its been hard to find a bra that can cater for both, and leave me feeling comfortable and confident, that was until the Shefit. I’ve never had a bra before that holds, lifts and compresses - all at the same time! if you’re lucky you get just 1 of those things.

What I love about the Shefit, is that it’s completely customisable for your needs, you can have it as tight or loose as you want. And the lift, oh my gosh, I can’t stop being amazed by the lift - it’s the cheapest (temporary) boob-job I’ve ever come across - I was even asked if I’d had some work done, or lost weight by my teammates, purely because of how good it made my figure look.

During the game I was able to run and jump and not focus on my boobs - I actually caught the ball instead of pulling up my straps. In-fact, it felt almost like I didn’t even know they were there. Waking up the day after a netball game, I’m used to my body feeling a little worse for wear, with every single part of me aching in pain (including my fingers and toes), but this time around, although everything else was feeling the burn, the one area of my body that wasn’t in pain, was my chest.

So yes, miracles really do exist, at least in the context of sports bras. I am incredibly impressed and confident that this season, I’ll have less pain in my back, and more focus on the game - and not on which one of my boobs doesn’t want to play ball today.

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