Guest Review - Shefit High Impact Sports Bra September 20 2017

Claire Madden is an avid horse rider and loves her Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra.

Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra"As a horse rider I have always struggled to find a sports bra that has enough support but that is also comfortable enough to wear all day as well.

The Shefit fits both criteria incredibly well reducing just about all bounce but also with having easily adjustable shoulder and rib straps I can increase the support needed just before I ride then loosen off again once I have ridden.

Another huge benefit for me is the front zip which makes putting the Shefit on so easy as I have a bad shoulder which means I don't need to contort myself into odd shapes to get the bra on and off.

Having proper support, an easily adjustable bra and a bra that is both comfortable and gives you a good shape is very hard to find in a sports bra. I am definitely a convert."

Photo credit: Debbie Barker Photography