REVIEW: Freya Active Crop Top vs. Enell Sports Bra February 26 2015

Another sports bra that actually works for us busty gals! Here's an overview of the differences between the Freya and the Enell. I'm a 32F and do high impact exercises such as running and boxing.

The Freya Active sports bra is a high impact sports bra catering for 8E to 18E sizes. 

Enell Bras are designed for C-cups and above.

First thing I noticed with the Freya was how it shaped my boobs, someone made a comment they had never seen my boobs looking so perky (rude much!).

Rather than compress which the Enell does, the Freya Active sports bra shapes the boobs and has foam cups for those that require nipple coverage.

Compared to the Enell sports bra, the Freya has adjustable straps which can be turned into a racerback (providing even more support and perkiness) and up to four hooks and eyes.

This sports bra can be worn under singlets whereas the Enell often needs to be hidden under a t-shirt unless you don't mind the full back showing.

There's been a fair amount of research behind the creation of the Freya which you can read more here - the highlights that caught my eye are:

* Freya Active sports bra reduces strain to just 3% in the inner region of the breast, compared to 28% in an everyday bra (but we don't exercise in our everyday bras now do we...)

* Reduces sports bra pain by 97%, while an everyday bra reduces pain by only 58%

* Reduces independent breast movement by 92%

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