REVIEW: Freya EPIC Sports Bra vs. Enell SPORT Bra

REVIEW: Freya EPIC Sports Bra vs. Enell SPORT Bra

Another sports bra that actually works for us busty gals! Here's my review of the differences between the Freya and the Enell. I'm a 34F and do high impact exercises such as running and boxing.

The Freya Active sports bra is a high impact sports bra catering for sizes 8 to 18 and cups D to H. 

Enell SPORT is also designed for high impact activity (the offer a low impact version which is great for everyday wear) and fits C-cups and above PLUS they offer custom made bras for any size.

First thing I noticed with the Freya sports bra, was how it shaped my boobs, someone made a comment they had never seen them looking so perky (rude much!). One reviewer said she feels like Wonder Women every time she straps hers on!

Rather than compress, which the Enell SPORT tends to do, the Freya Active shapes the boobs and has foam cups for some extra nipple coverage.

The Freya has adjustable straps which can be turned into a racerback (providing even more support and perkiness) and up to four hooks and eyes that fasten at the back. The Enell has wider straps and the hook and eyes are at the front. It can take a while to find your technique of doing up the Enell, but once mastered there is nothing more satisfying after a long sweaty run than "kapowing" it off!

Freya can easily be worn under singlets without showing, whereas the Enell has a full back which provides posture-enhancing back support, added comfort, and a smooth line.

There's been a fair amount of research behind the creation of the Freya which you can read more here - the highlights that caught my eye were:

  • Freya Active sports bra reduces strain to just 3% in the inner region of the breast, compared to 28% in an everyday bra (but we don't exercise in our everyday bras now do we...)
  • Reduces sports bra pain by 97%, while most everyday bras reduces pain by only 58%
  • Reduces independent breast movement by 92% (that's huge!)

These awesome sports bras both have a place in my workout wardrobe. The Enell for intense workouts such as running and the Freya for boxing.

Here's what some of our customers think:

"I have worn this bra to Body pump and pole-fit class so far, and it performed well. I would normally wear a sports bra AND a crop top to both of these activities (particularly pole class as the upside down moves can result in escapee boobs!). The full coverage of this bra meant I was not worried about having to tuck everything back in all the time. I wore it "racer back" style, and liked that the hook point was adjustable so it didnt dig into my shoulders / neck
Finally - delivery was very quick, great service and I will definitely be ordering again!"

"Great support. I wore it running and playing squash. It was very comfortable and doesn’t scar my shoulders like some other bras have. My bra size was 10G."

"I found this bra really supportive for my size (32g). Having not bought bras online I was pleased the size fitted me. I've used the bra for low impact and high impact exercise including jogging and it works really well keeping everything in place with limited movement. It takes a couple of goes to figure out how to best hook the clip at the back to turn it into a racerback style bra. Overall it's a really comfy and supportive bra. I would definitely buy this again."

Buy the Freya Epic Electric Black Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra

Buy the Enell Sports Bra

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