Product Review - BERLEI Pro Elite Mesh Crop Sports Bra Support Factor 3

Product Review - BERLEI Pro Elite Mesh Crop Sports Bra Support Factor 3

If you're sporting DD – G cups the Berlei Pro Elite Sports Bra is worth taking a look at. 

Our customers love the fact they can be in a high support, racer back style bra that leaves them with such a great shape! Some key features that really work well in this bra include:

1. Underwire – While underwire is not essential in a high support Sports Bra, some women find it a must as they are so familiar with it in their everyday bras. Berlei have done a great job constructing this bra as the underwire hides well within the garment and won’t poke into breast tissue when fitted properly. The underwire ensures each breast is well defined leaving the wearer with a great shape.

2. High neckline – A slightly higher neckline leaves an immense feeling of security when wearing the Berlei Pro Elite Sports Bra. This feature results in the bra being a stand out as the extra material allows very little vertical displacement during treadmill running.

3. Adjustable Velcro straps – A practical addition to any Sports Bra, this gives the wearer the opportunity to adjust the strap tension once they are in the bra. This means your Sports Bra can fit firmly every step of the way.

4. Firm materials – The nylon polyester elastane blend is pointed out by all customers as being supremely comfortable against the skin. It’s designed to wick moisture away from the skin leaving it dry during high intensity activity. The nature of this material coupled with the wide bra band results in a great line around the back, an area that many women fret about during a bra fitting.

So for ladies with a DD – G cup wanting to explore the world of racer back designed Sports Bras, this is a must try! 

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I have two of these bras and, honestly I don’t know how on earth I have managed without them for so long! I’m a Truck Driver. In the past I’ve worn 2 or 3 bras over the top of each other trying to keep my girls from knocking me out over rough roads!
I’ve finally found a Kenworth Proof bra! I’m often wearing one bra for 2 days, I sleep in it and then get up and go, so it has to be comfy. I love that I can adjust the band for sleeping – Oh! And Sleeping! Did I mention that I can Sleep and not constantly be moving to shift my squished boobies!! AND wake up without them aching. Fantastic! soon as I have the $$I’m getting another one, well worth the money.

Kerrie Ford

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