Customer review: Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra March 09 2019

Billie Charlton reviews the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

shefit sports bra - high impact sports bra nz

Love that if I lose or gain weight, I can still fit the bra as it has the flexibility to fit to your body with adjustable Velcro straps. In fact, I recently found out I’d been wearing the wrong bra size for years but not a worry when it comes to the Shefit I just followed the size guide and it fits perfectly.

It gives me the best cleavage of any Sports Bra I’ve ever worn. Not only am I confident in the support it gives me while running on the field it also doubles as a push up bra instead of flattening out my chest like most other Sport Bras that I’ve worn.

Easy access. At the end of a training session or game, I can whip the bra off by zipping down the front. Super easy and fast!! There’s no fussing with clasps at the back that I struggle to reach as it’s all fastened at the front where I can see it.

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