Top 3 Sports Bras for Large Breasts October 27 2018

Beware of the sports bra purporting to be supportive, high-impact, and suited for bigger busts and yet serves better as a slingshot than the sturdy friend you need in your many athletic endeavours. 

Here are our top 3 sports bras for high impact activities:

1. Enell SPORT High Impact Sports Bra (sizes 00-8 plus custom sizes, $99.95)

enell sports bra high impact sports bra nz
“I bought my Enell after a desperate internet search for a comfortable running bra that could go the distance,” says one Enell reviewer. “I’m planning on doing a lot of running this year - Sydney marathon, Auckland Half and Queenstown marathon, so I knew I needed something special. I'd been in Moving Comfort, which I had really liked, but it left me blistered and broken after a long run, even with lots of Vaseline. Yesterday I did a three hour run in my new Enell, and there's not a mark on me! I'm very impressed. When you first put it on, it doesn't feel that great, and it's definitely not made for just sitting around in, but once you start running - you completely forget it's there!”


Shefit High Impact Sports Bra (sizes XS-6LUXE, $104.95)

shefit sports bra - high impact sports bra nz
“I've always had a large chest and sports bras that actually support and are yet remotely comfortable have never existed. This bra solves both problems! It has amazing support and it's really comfortable.

The amazing part is that usually providing good support meant "the girls" were crushed/smashed so as not to move while running. This bra doesn't do that. My first run with it on I was skeptical because it was actually comfortable and I assumed that meant there wouldn't be adequate support because it just seemed too good to be true. I'm happy to report that I was very WRONG!”

3. Freya Crop Top Sports Bra Moulded (sizes C-G, $79.95)

Champion The Show Off sports bra

“Honestly, so far I think this may be the best sports bra I've used.

From first wear it was really comfortable with good coverage. I did find the straps were a little loose for me (as I "have no shoulders" so to speak), but the option to make it a racer back with just a slip of a hook sorted that issue out no problem.

So - absolutely 5 star review on the bra.”

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