Best Sports Bra for Karate June 24 2019

Your regular day-to-day bra is not designed for the rigours of a high-impact sport such as karate. The wrong bra means (at best) you’ll be uncomfortable and self-conscious when you move. At worst, it could mean serious back pain and even a pulled muscle.

The best bra for karate is a sports bra. It needs to keep you Supported, Comfortable and Protected.

Jacqui Malcolm is passionate about Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate and tells us why she thinks the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra is the best martial arts sports bra.

"Perfect for karate!! I now have two in the white as I do karate and I'm an E cup girl! I need something to keep the girls down but still allows me to move quickly and breath without restriction.

Having a white gi (karate uniform) a white sports bra is best to ensure my boobs ain't on display with some bright obnoxious sports bra - we train with kids and I'm a mother so don't want my sons being embarrassed while training.

I was concerned the ring thing on the back would be a problem with break falls as traditional bra clips cause bruising on the spine, so I'm glad this hasn't been a problem. I love how it's adjustable so I can reduce the 'hold' for certain parts of training or when travelling so I don't have the girls squished all the time."

Best Sports Bra for Karate - SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra

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