Throw away the tape measure? November 01 2015

Traditional bra fitting involves grabbing a tape measure however a scientific study by the University of Portsmouth believes a more straight-forward ‘best fit’ approach based on a set of specific criteria works better. The criteria is common sense however measuring yourself or using your current bra size (but only if it's a good fit) is still a good place to start then check against these 5 criteria:

1. Band

Too tight: flesh bulging over top of band; subjective discomfort “feels too tight”

Too loose: band lifts when arms are moved above head, posterior band not level with inframammary fold

Front band

Not all in contact with the sternum

2. Cup

Too big: wrinkles in cup fabric

Too small: breast tissue bulging above, below or at the sides

3. Underwire

Incorrect shape: underwire sitting on breast tissue laterally (under armpit) or anterior midline; subjective complaint of discomfort

4. Straps

Too tight: digging in; subjective complaint of discomfort; carrying too much of the weight of the breasts

Too loose: sliding down off shoulder with no ability to adjust the length

5. Rating of bra fit

Pass: no errors or if hooks or straps can be adjusted to allow correct fit

Fail: any other ticks