Find your next bra without having a fit! May 14 2015

Love this site as it tackles a big issue for women who just want to find a decent bra without standing in a sweaty changing room trying on different styles until your reaching for the hit flask!

Brayola is a personal bra shop that helps women discover their next favorite bra, without having a fit.

Brayola was created for women who just want to be able to find the perfect bra. With the help of other women around the world, sharing their bras that they love, you can now discover your next favorite bra.

We all know that it’s hard to find a good bra. Every woman has a different shape, size, style and taste- and to get that perfect bra you need to get all these things just right... And if that wasn’t enough to have to deal with, different brands use different sizes!

Finding the perfect bra can be tiring and time consuming. If you just want somewhere to go where all the bras on display are laid out just for you, (so your size, shape, style and taste) then brayola is the place for you.

Women all over the world are privately sharing the details of THEIR favourite bras and adding them to their brayola drawers. Bra shopping made simple, and fun!