No Panties? No Problem - Dear Kate Yoga Tights Review February 08 2015

Yoga has always been on my list of things to try and thanks to the gorgeous Ush De La Croix I became hooked. Then I hit a running gear just didn't do the job whilst trying to do a downward dog or plow pose (and before you ask, nope cannot do this one properly yet!) My comfortable running t-shirts ended up over my head and tights ended up in places that shall not be mentioned.

Then I heard about Dear Kate through a viral campaign as they challenged Victoria Secret's definition of the 'perfect body.' It takes a plucky start up to take on a well established and popular brand and I cheered (& shared) them on. So who was this 'Dear Kate' then? Turns out they designed panties and spurred on by this success had just launched a range of yoga tights that you could wear with no underwear. The list of promises had me intrigued:

  • these pants have your back if you decide to wear nothing under which means no more VPL (visible panty lines)
  • no camel toe 
  • killer looking backside
  • freedom of movement
  • a wide waistband for comfortable support
  • a key pocket, flattering seams, and opaque, high-performance fabric which conforms to your body without losing its shape.

The whole no camel toe and wide waistband especially had me hooked so I contacted the US manufacturer to see if they were interested in distributing in little ole New Zealand and they jumped at the chance to share the love. When the Dear Kate yoga pants arrived I was excited as I tore open a box and grabbed a medium but could barely get them over my thighs! Oh no, I thought staring at the boxes of tights...what have I done??? I grabbed the next size up and while they fit they felt a bit odd. This time I was thinking, crap these are going to have to go back :( 

I jumped online and starting reading reviews and realized because these tights were different they didn't fit like other yoga pants and took some time to get use to them. My testers also agreed, with one of them saying it took several wears & washes to get use to the feel but now loves them as they mould to her body without feeling constrictive.

I love the no camel toe (for real!!!) as it means I no longer have to find a top that covers everything and the waist band is wide at the front, great for support or hiding a xmas belly! They are lower at the back so that took a while to get use to as I kept trying to pull them up. Now I throw these on for yoga, cycling & running. The sizing ranges from XS to 3X and we worked with Dear Kate to produce a sizing chart that works for kiwi women.

So if you are looking for a flattering and functional pair of tights that come in full length or 3/4 length then do try these. If you don't like them, return them within 30 days for a full refund. Plus we have an introductory 10% discount and our no returns on sales items does not apply to the Dear Kate tights special. Easy :)